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Welcome to my new website!

Kandra's beads offer high-quality handmade beads, lamp work beads, beading patterns, beading kits, and other beading products.

It is our mission to exceed all of our customers' needs in providing unique original beads with exceptional service.


Look through my online bead store and see for yourself what Kandra's beads have to offer!

My dedication to design and creation is one big reason that almost all of our customers come back to Kandra's Beads.

 Hi Everyone,

Well I am finally adding beads to my website so you will have to see all the beautiful goodies I have added so far.  I will be adding beads to my website every week so make sure to check it out because I have uncovered a lot of beautiful beads that I only have a few of and you will not want to miss out!

If you are on my site and wondering where all the beads are I sold my shop and website to Mie Hartmann her website is http://www.miesbeads.com  or email her at  mie@miesbeads.com
The phone number will stay the same 805-686-8804.

Just a quick note to let you know that the sale of the store has gone through and I know that Mie will do a wonderful job!  She will not be changing anything, the prices will stay the same, the code numbers will stay the same, the only thing I can see her changing is that she is as sick as me when it comes to beads and she will be adding a lot of new beads!  Her service will be just as good as mine was so please continue to support Mie on her new adventure!

I will continue to have a website so that I can sell my lampwork beads, patterns and kits. 
Also after 25 years of collecting beads I will be selling my personal bead stash which is enough to fill a store! ha-ha

I will try to post new "Kandra's Bead Stash" beads every Wednesday on my website it will be first come first get the beads!  Some of them I only have one and some I have a 1/2 kilo of the items because I was sure I would never be able to get that color again. (yes I am a sick person)

Please wish both Mie and myself good wishes as we both go off on our new adventures!