Welcome to my new website!

Kandra's beads offer high-quality handmade beads, lamp work beads, beading patterns, beading kits, and other beading products.

It is our mission to exceed all of our customers' needs in providing unique original beads with exceptional service.


Look through my online bead store and see for yourself what Kandra's beads have to offer!

My dedication to design and creation is one big reason that almost all of our customers come back to Kandra's Beads.

 Hi Everyone,

I've picked some really beautiful Color Ways in 11/0 Seed Beads instead of selling them one container at a time. 

If you go to Seed Beads and then Kandra's Stash 11/0 Seed Beads you can see the colors, there are only 1 of each color way so don't procrastinate!  Oh and by the way they are 20% off!

I've added a lot of new Headpin Flowers and Lollipops, Tulip Petals, Pip Beads, Rizo Beads, Glass Rings, Button Beads, Lentils and a new 8/0 Seed Bead.  Have fun shopping!

To get to my bead store on the left side top of this page there is a link that says "The Bead Store", click this link and it will take you to my store.

I will continue to have a website so that I can sell my lampwork beads, patterns, kits and beads that I order in for kits or projects that I am working on plus my huge personal bead stash, which is enough to open another store!  

I am always adding items to my website so if you want first dibs don't miss out, there may only be 1 of something at a great price.

I have sold my retail store and old website to Mie Hartmann, who is doing a wonderful job so if you are in Solvang stop by to shop.  Her website is called Mie's Beads click on the turtle to the right for a link to her shop.